Bottom Out / Jukai split

by Reconsider Records

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released November 1, 2015

Bottom Out - Recorded and mixed by Jon Mackey

Jukai - Recorded and mixed by Anthony Corallo



all rights reserved


Reconsider Records New York

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Track Name: Letters From Earth
To see the ruse, with it's end in bloom,
to see this strife and these vices tear their way through you.
I always knew, to put no faith into the shit you talk, and the hate you spew.
If the Devil is the author, then I serve as the pen.
Watch your seed rot; wicked, through the hearts of men.
So as I walk, and I'm shadowed by death
I beg you bury me face down, tired and faithless.

I'll walk this path in front of me. I never died when you buried me.
Take these letters from Earth and send them home,
back to the black, to this nothing I came from.
The same song, still plays and I'm gone.
Send these bones to Hell and pray I never see the dawn.
Track Name: Result of Death
Fall in line, accept a role to play
You coped with the pressure in the worst of ways
Couldn't deal with the pain
Found solace in the poison that flowed through your veins
Too young to have the life sucked from your eyes
I've never seen someone so dead inside
Saw the tag hanging from your toe
The hardest part is letting go

In and out of extremes
Numbness and anxiety
Feeling nothing or everything
Come down on me
Spent the holidays sifting through
Pictures of me and you
While the world celebrated
The year anew

Forced to carry on forever
Without a brother, an anchor
Walk the streets hoping to find your face on a stranger
Everyday feels cold and gray
Ever since you passed away
A brother's bond, what we had
I'd give anything to bring you back

Can't forget that afternoon
Found you in your room
It was cold like your skin
Lifeless eyes and stiffened limbs
Nearly cried myself to death
As I clung to a body with nothing left

Take my last breath

If seeing you again is the result of death
I can't wait to take my last breath

Take my last breath