Force Fed Misery

by Separated

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released July 1, 2016

Recorded and mixed at Silver Bullet Studios by Gregory Thomas.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Artwork done by Dominic Pabon



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Reconsider Records New York

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Track Name: Forever Cursed
Every memory plagued by the visions of man suffocating everyone I love you lied to my face spit your misanthropy and every time we sang you never stood by faith And my conviction I am in front of man this cycle never ends sinking into what these feed one day we will see darkness we used to believe I took what was left
stealing every shallow breath left with nothing but the pain this life's dead weight darkness enslaves your mind killing what's left inside every memory left broken to reject every issue you held my hand
to fake what I mean when im fighting you're killing me you will never know the wrath until the end you won't stand by fate until this life ends living on one mistake finding me delving me to take what I love killing what I dream forever cursed forever cursed into this life of hypocrisy swallowed by every misconception
forever cursed
Track Name: Force Fed Misery
Scorned for living rejected for the life I've been dealt belittled and forgotten torn between what I feel hating what this life brings this torment never ends this crusade never ending this war forever raging refuse to lie down
in this fallen earth I hate I hate what's left thrown into life's embrace clinging for a way to live
begging pleading trapped in this no answers for my selfish deed cast into the flock forced to be like them
I've been cursed with my selfish reasons trapped in a modern day locked into this race the words ring hollow me
my chance for revenge thrown into this life force fed misery thrown into to this life shackled to this dying world
force fed misery
Track Name: Alone
Awakened by a dying light entrapped by a numbing pain succumbing to a dying world visions of hell cloud my brain reduced to a hollow body these nightmares realized my thoughts fade to black
wasting my breath on pointless things to tell you what I did to tell you what I need the pain of being an outcast I spent time all alone forced to remember all the pain you bring me no reason no reason
with the world burning itself this world grasps for air choking on its last mistake
Track Name: Bloodlust
Shrouded in anger free will stripped from man the innocent forced to bleed dry cut me off from unity
cut me off from your faith cutting you is all I need killing you won't appease me bludgeoning the ones you love
putting holes in every vein ending this violently my heart beats with doom killing your faith with the violence in my head with sharpened tools at hand this lust to end your faith the kill is all I need my love for pain
my love for pain left with nothing forever left with little to bear I have no remorse for the sins that left me vexed
these reasons that control these thoughts that allude me leave me vexed the blade digs deeper my thoughts are cold innocence lost on man this blood weeps its tears this blood lost on the earth